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    Jean Wingis grew up riding in Southern California and worked for Marcia Williams before starting her own training business, Marlay Farms. As a young professional, she then spent ten years in Germany where she worked training and showing sale horses, including a year with Olympic Gold Medalist Marcus Ehning. ‘I sometimes had only a few minutes to get to know a horse before I’d have to show him at his best. So I learned quickly to focus on the horse’s strengths and develop a rapport.’

    Before returning to America in 2007, Jean started her own business finding show jumpers, equitation and hunter prospects for clients in the States. Her success stories include finding Susie Hutchinson’s Grand Prix mount Cantano as a green horse.

    Since returning to the States, she has managed the sales portion of her business as well as developed an on-site private training business teaching and riding for luminaries such as Leslie Steele, Archie Cox and Meadowgrove Farms. ‘I sometimes ride and teach at four different stables each day. My experience with sales horses has given me the ability to step in with a new horse and rider and focus on the positive, reduce stress and increase performance.’

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