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    Heidi MisrahyHunters, Jumpers, and Equitation

    Los Angeles Hunter Jumper Association Trainer of the Year for 2012, Heidi Misrahy began her riding career under Jimmy Williams at Flintridge Riding Club. She continues the tradition of excellence as the Club’s longest standing hunter/jumper and equitation trainer.

    Heidi accepts students at all levels, whether just learning to negotiate a course of fences or actively competing on the ‘A’ show circuit. In 2011, Heidi’s riders won United States Equestrian Federation year-end championships in Zone 10, won United States Hunter Jumper Association Zone 10 championships as well as being named year-end champions by the Pacific Coast Horse Show Association. Heidi’s riders won over 50 show championships in 2011 and 2012, including at such prestigious ‘A’ and ‘AA’ shows as the Memorial Day Classic, the Los Angeles International Jumping Festival, the National Preview, the 91st Annual Flintridge Show, the Blenheim Oaks Red, White and Blue Series and Showpark Ranch and Coast. Heidi’s riders are consistent winners in jumper, equitation and medal classes and compete in the Maclay, WCE, USEF, San Fernando, LAHJA, CPHA, Rosewood, Onondarka and Flintridge Medal classes and finals. Heidi’s exacting focus on rider precision and excellence has allowed Heidi’s Medal Final winners and riders to go on to successfully compete at Junior, Amateur and Grand Prix jumper levels.

    Heidi offers highly experienced training staff. David Nelson has been with Heidi for over 15 years and specializes in green horses and enhancing horse and rider communication skills. Tracey Whelan has been with Heidi for over ten years and focuses on rider precision and correctness as well as horse health and well being.

    Heidi’s training program consistently challenges riders to expand their riding skills while maintaining safety and the fun and joy of the riding experience. There is great camaraderie among the riders in Heidi’s program, which is promoted by the fact that Heidi gives her riders a wide choice of riding times six days a week and encourages riders to ride as often as they wish.

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